Factory Virtual Tour Services Build Value


When it comes to building relationships with your clients in the Factory and Warehouse Industry, communication and an understanding of the process is key. Trust is created from transparency and authenticity. Face to face meetings are very effective. Getting to know the people involved, the state-of-the-art technology developing the product, and the infrastructure of the company, produces an emotional bond unlike any other.

In the Factory and Warehouse Industry, one is accustomed to meeting in person. The idea of a Factory or Warehouse walkthrough is to give assurance to your clients. It shows them the true essence of your brand, and the backbone behind the strong, safe and reliable work environment created by its people. The only problem is it can get expensive with travel arrangements, and many other accommodations that come along with fulfilling client demands.

What better way to build instant rapport, save time, and money, than with a Factory Virtual Tour, or Factory Photography Services from Global Aerial Video? A seamless way to create a real life walkthrough experience, our Factory Virtual Tour Company provides the perfect combination of online marketing tools needed to showcase your Warehouse or Factory with ease.

Give viewers the opportunity to view your Factory or Warehouse in an entirely new way that mimics an in person walkthrough perfectly, all from the comfort of the viewers computer or mobile device. Our Factory Virtual Tours are loaded with tons of features which ultimately gives your Warehouse or Factory a competitive edge. No need to worry about daily hours of operation either. With the ability to view these 360 tours 24/7, and features such as voiceovers, floor plans, hot spots, and info boxes, this online marketing tool is both seamless and efficient.

In addition to our Virtual Tour and Property Photography Services, our Aerial Photography Services incorporate state-of-the-art drones, equipped with a vision positioning system featuring visual and ultrasonic sensors for flying indoor in tight spaces. Capture a perspective of angles throughout your warehouse or factory unattainable on foot for smooth walk through style videos.

From saving time and money, to creating a clean and sophisticated look for your brand, our Factory Virtual Tours, Warehouse Photography Services, and Aerial Photography Services will create an immeasurable experience capable of creating a sustainable, loyal, and long lasting relationship with your clients.


How we can help your Real Estate Listing



360° Virtual

  • Factory Virtual Tour Floor plans give your viewers the accessibility of easily navigating across your entire Warehouse or Factory without having to actually walk through it.
  • Factory Virtual Tours feature pop up windows that can display company videos, descriptive explanations of the technology and machinery, and the process involved.
  • Slide shows can cover areas of your Factory or Warehouse that don’t necessarily need full 360 panoramic shots.


Architectural Photography

  • Our Warehouse and Factory Photographers are reliable, dependable, and highly trained.
  • Your company retains all the exclusive rights to any Warehouse or Factory Photograph of your property.
  • Embed these high quality Property Photography images to your website and display your business in high resolution.


Aerial Drone Photography

  • Give viewers a unique bird’s eye perspective of your Warehouse or Factory.
  • Capture angles of your Factory and its machinery not accessible by foot.
  • Cover an extensive amount of ground of your warehouse or factory without having to physically walk it.
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Step 1


You choose a date range that fits your schedule and we find the best time to get a 360 photographer out to shoot your property.
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Step 2


Our certified photographers arrive, set up the property, and capture all requested panoramic views, still photos, and aerial images.
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Step 3


Our skilled team of editors and programmers touch up your photos, stitch your 360 panoramas, and code/produce your 360 Tour.

Step 4


Our project managers oversee the process from start to finish and ensure that each project is delivered on time and to your liking.

Turnaround time for a Real Estate Project is 3-4 Days