A Music Festival Virtual Tour Company


With Music Festivals on the rise, the competition in the market is becoming rapidly dense. Most concert and festival goers have full time jobs, school, families, and other things in life that eat up their time and money, so when it comes time to make a decision on a music festival, they must choose wisely. It is critical for a promotion company and Festival ___ to do everything possible to attract music lovers to their event over any other.

The average concert goer, when given the choice, will be willing to pay a higher ticket price to attend a concert or Music Festival that is well planned out and provides plenty of unique conveniences for its attendees. Our Concert Virtual Tours, Concert Photography, and Aerial Photography services can help create an interactive experience for your event that will make festival goers choose your event over any other and keep them coming back year after year.

Our Music Festival Virtual Tour Company can help your music festival or concert:

● Eliminate uncertainty.

● Justify ticket prices.

● Build attendance.

● And offer attendees a more detailed and organized music festival experience, prior to even attending.

Our Music Festival Virtual Tour Company and Aerial Photography Services give online viewers angles and perspectives of your music event grounds nearly impossible on foot or through normal photography. This gives you the ability for viewers to see your event from new angles and heights like they’ve never imagined.

With features such as interactive floor plans and hot­spots, and custom info boxes which allow you to display stage set times ­ our Music Festival Virtual Tours can help your Music Festival by giving your ticket buyers an opportunity to experience what it’s like to attend your Music Festival, without ever having to leave their own home. And our Aerial Photography Services can provide a unique, bird’s eye view of the festival both before and during the event.

By providing them with an immersive walkthrough style virtual experience through a Virtual Tour, and a bird’s­ eye perspective and wide­ angles that capture large areas of your concert grounds , with our Aerial Photography Services, ­ these powerful and incredible online marketing tools can help satisfy the complete memorable experience of an attendee when looking to purchase a ticket to your Music Festival or Music Concert.


How We Can Help Music and Events



360° Virtual

  • Custom buttons from within the Event Virtual Tour can link any to a song by the band’s playing that day or to a sponsor’s website
  • Pop up windows can display set times, information on vendors, or any ticket purchasing links within the Live Event Virtual Tour Services.
  • Festival 360 Tour Slide shows can help highlight each available vendor and the products they are selling.


Architectural Photography

  • Festival Photographers are reliable and assessable to exceed every request
  • You and your company retain the rights to any Event and Festival Photography.
  • Link these high quality images from our Event Photography Services to your Yelp page and increase your exposure


Aerial Drone Photography

  • Examine elevated Aerial Music Festival Photography shots to get perspective on the event navigate the festival grounds
  • Attach personalized walk-through Drone Aerial Event Videos to showcase the various accommodations (lockers, phone charging stations, restroom locations, etc.)
  • View the event from the Festival Aerial Photography from a birds eye view and allow attendees easy entry and departure from the concert venue.
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Step 1


You choose a date range that fits your schedule and we find the best time to get a 360 photographer out to shoot your property.
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Step 2


Our certified photographers arrive, set up the property, and capture all requested panoramic views, still photos, and aerial images.
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Step 3


Our skilled team of editors and programmers touch up your photos, stitch your 360 panoramas, and code/produce your 360 Tour.

Step 4


Our project managers oversee the process from start to finish and ensure that each project is delivered on time and to your liking.

Turnaround time for a Project is 10-14 Days