We began operations in 2013 for the purpose of providing potential clients with a tool that would increase on-line interaction and impact with their consumers. Understanding that video is a primary driver of organic and paid search on all major Search Engines, we sought a way to offer a format that was both unique and interesting to potential consumers.

GAV was created to meet the demands of today’s digital marketplace where the ability to present interesting media based advertising determines your ultimate success. .


Aerial video provides a significant increase in production value to your program. This increases viewership and holds your audience’s attention longer – both important metrics for successful business videos.


Fly right down the fairway and give your members a real view of how this hole plays. Is there a shortcut through those trees and moguls to the lower part of the run? What’s the elevation profile really like?


Wouldn’t it be helpful for your audience to see that property from a variety of angles? With aerial footage, we can locate that property in relation to other properties or buildings adjacent to it, giving your viewers a real sense of what they might see from their front porch.


We can handle virtually any service request. Our tailored Municipality, Commercial Property, Parks and Recreation Departments, Schools, and Tourrism programs have impact!

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen or heard something about drones and how they might be used. Yes, they look cool and they are a new exciting tool for all sorts of industries.For video, we use them to get amazing and unique shots. Shots that we could only dream about in the past.

Our Operational Standards.
-We maintain commercial liability insurance in excess of $5,000,000
-We operate within FAA policies and regulations at all times
-Our Drones are registered with the Federal Government
-Our U.S. Certification Application is currently in the final approval process
-We operate within the United States as well as Caribbean with clients in nine states and four countries
-We provide a written estimate or proposal for all work which we will not exceed
-We have over ten years of Digital Marketing Experience
-We maintain relationships with qualified Drone Pilots that enable us to take on a variety of clients at any given time.
-We maintain a deep and overiding concern for the needs of our clients and always exceed expectations
-We are a Registered Illinois Corporation in Good Standing.

Professional Equipment
-DJI Inspire Pro 1
-DJI Inspire 1
-DJI Osmo
-4K and 4K Raw Video Formating
-Primary Application of 1080i Presentation
-Raw Still Photos at 12MP
-Adobe and Powerdirector Video Editing Software
-DJI Cameras
-Audio Block Music Licensing
Flight Policies
-Line of Sight
-Below 400 Ft Altitude
-Daytime Applications
-Away from Public Gatherings
-Never within 5 miles of an active FAA Facility